Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cane that converts into a stool??

So I've been posting on Twitter about this like a fiend because I find it so amazing.

Let me set the scene for you. Yesterday at 6pm I left my office and headed to the 6 train (kismet?) to Queens. After a rough day, instead of transferring to the 4/5 at Union Square I got caught up in reading The Time Traveler's Wife, which I'm mildly obsessed with and stayed. I also was seated. This is a big incentive to stay on my current train than chancing it on an express especially since my near fainting spells (thanks overcrowded subways).

As I trudged towards the N/W after getting off at 59th Street, I saw a seemingly hunchbacked older woman making her way to a snack stand. I noticed she had a cane. But this cane was different than your ordinary cane. IT ALSO CONVERTED INTO A STOOL. "What a brilliant idea," I thought. I really should have exclaimed it.

Honestly, I'm considering getting one for myself. I'd make a fortune if I sold these at Disney World or anywhere else that has equally long lines. I'd prefer if it was retractable, though, so I could fit it in my bag.

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